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Whether you're looking to execute strategies with surgical precision, mirror the success of trading professionals, or maximize your revenue through a dynamic rewards system, OneBot is designed for the discerning trader.  

 Step into the future of trading where every transaction is not just a trade, but an opportunity magnified. 


Crafted with next-gen features. 

Rewarding Revenue Share

Your loyalty shouldn't go unnoticed. With OneBot, rewards are proportional to the tokens you hold. Holders are entitled to a whopping 40% of transaction fees and an additional 1% of the total $ONEBOT traded volume.

What's more? We've simplified the reward process for you - rewards are computed every 2 hours and can be claimed after a day. However, note that transferring over 200 tokens within a 2-hour interval may forfeit your share. To enjoy these benefits, ensure you hold at least 50 $ONEBOT tokens.

Limit Orders

Strive to buy low and sell high? OneBot's sophisticated limit order system lets you execute your trading strategy with pinpoint accuracy, ensuring you never miss out on the most optimal trade conditions.

Mirror Sniper

Ever wished you could mimic the trading techniques of professional traders? With the Mirror Sniper feature, replicate the wins of trading pros, bringing their expertise into your portfolio.

Fail Guard Sell

Ensure the success of every sale. Test your sales strategies in advance, and with the Fail Guard Sell feature, unlock and maximize your selling potential every time.

Private TX

Your security and privacy are paramount. Shield your trades from potential threats with our advanced system that cleverly outsmarts sandwich attacks, giving you peace of mind with every transaction.

Referral  Program

Spread the word and reap the benefits.
As a OneBot token holder, you can generate a unique referral code that unlocks special perks.

When someone signs up using your code, you enjoy 25% of their transaction fees. Plus, you get an exclusive 20% discount off your transaction fees.
All you need is a minimum of 10 $ONEBOT tokens in your wallet to qualify.

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Superior User  Experience

At OneBot, we believe that a great user experience makes all the difference.
That's why our platform boasts an interface that's unrivaled in its simplicity and elegance. Experience trading like never before, because we've ensured OneBot offers a better UX than any competitor out there.

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